Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Strategists work with you to design compelling and engaging advertising campaigns. First, we get to know about your business and learn about your advertising goals. We design a series of ad variations relevant to your brand and provide ongoing campaign management. Your Strategist will provide insights and analysis for your campaign.

Content Management

Our team of Content Managers develop relevant content for your brand to engage your followers. We know that you’re busy; we work with you to give your business a voice so you can focus on what matters the most. Nothing builds a loyal fan base like a stream of content that resonates with your potential and current customers. Let’s get people yakking about your business!

Social Integration

New to social media for your business? We understand what it takes to create a strong online presence that can bring you game changing exposure. Our Social Media Strategists will evaluate your website and design pages that fully integrate your brand. We provide ongoing consulting services for social media so you can always stay one step ahead of the curve. ​

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What is Yak Social?

At Yak Social we are passionate about connecting you (our client) with the most ideal target audience for your business. With over 25 years of combined industry knowledge and expertise, our Strategists will ensure your efforts succeed.

We’re a comprehensive team of professionals working seamlessly together. No matter the need, we can match it to our skills; and team with you in a variety of ways. From leading the process to filling gaps in your in-house staff expertise, we've got you covered. Once we’re engaged with a client, we promise you constructive candor and a job well done. That’s the Yak Social difference.

Based in the Pacific Northwest, with offices in Portland and Coos Bay, Oregon we understand the ever-changing landscape of businesses in the urban, rural and online communities.

Yak Social is committed to affecting change in the communities that we service. We actively encourage our employees to roll up their sleeves and get involved in giving back to the communities where we work and live. Our commitment to service has been one of our core values since we first opened our doors.

At Yak Social, we’re builders of lasting relationships. That means, we think of our clients as human beings, not projects. Whether it is the implementation of a successful online marketing campaign or educating our clients first hand; we provide a bridge between your business and the desired client or consumer. We open doors for our clients into online communities.

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Growing Your Online Presence Is Our Top Priority

Aside from its size, what makes Facebook so attractive to marketers is its reach—you can deliver messages to the neighbors down the street from your shop, or across the ocean

Yak Statement

Yak Social will strive in all ways to provide unique and comprehensive digital advertising solutions to businesses across North America. Our commitment to service shall be evident in everything we participate in; with our clients and in our communities. In our efforts to continually make progress, our success will be predicated on the mutually beneficial relationships we develop with our clients.

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